Convert R-12 refrigerators & freezers to R134a , The Facts! Sludge is a myth, stop believing lies!

Convert R-12 refrigerators & freezers to R134a , The Facts! Sludge is a myth, stop believing lies!

Convert R-12 refrigerators & freezers to R134a , The Facts! Sludge is a myth, stop believing lies!
Convert R-12 refrigerators & freezers to R134a , The Facts!
Sludge is a myth, stop believing the lies, that have been told for 30 years!

When R-12 was banned in the 1990’s, a blanket statement was put out about “converting” R-12 to R-134a, but it was completely misunderstood, and it changed into something that was completely False, and has been perpetuated and repeated for 30 years!

The Facts are, that the statement was true, only if you were to leave an R-12 compressor in the system and just replace the R-12 with R-134a freon, which will cause huge problem with the system, due to the oil in the R-12 compressor, Not being Compatible with R-134a freon!

But, what happened, is that everyone misunderstood what they meant by”converting” from R-12 to R-134a, when they were referring ONLY to the Freon, not the actual compressor, so everyone assumed you couldn’t convert the system to an R-134a compressor, and then add R-134a freon, because it would SLUDGE, but that’s not what they were talking about, so vaguely, and exactly what caused this 30 year confusion of wrong information, that you are not able to convert an R-12 system to R-134a, which is Not True!

Think about one of the largest manufacturers of R-12 air conditioning, the car industry, who jumped on it very quickly, and started “retro-fitting” all R-12 ac’s to R-134a, with Zero sludge issues!
It is because they did not add R-134a to the R-12 system, which would be ridiculous and it would plug up and sludge, but did the repair properly, and Replaced the R-12 compressor that has oil in it, which is not compatible with the R=134a freon, and put a R-134a compressor in that had compatible oil for R-134a, and everything worked perfectly, as it does with refrigerators and freezers, and has since R-12 was banned!

The problem was that too many totally misunderstood what was meant, just the fact that you could not use R-134a with an R-12 compressor and oil, and turned it into “You can’t convert an R-12 system to R-134a, at all, or it will sludge, which was totally not true, and repeated for 30 years!

Just as the car industry did, the domestic refrigeration industry has been doing, only a very few of us anyway that didn’t misunderstand what they meant at the time, we have been converting R-12 systems to R-134a, for the last 30 years, successfully, and with zero sludge issues!

The key is replacing the compressor, that holds the oil, so the R-12 compressor and oil is removed from the system, and then the system is flushed, a new drier put on and BINGO, you have a New Updated R-134a system, that works just as well as all the ones coming off the assembly lines, of all manufacturers!

It’s amazing how uninformed so many became, and how so many generations, 3, after them have believed this complete falsehood and lie, that still is perpetuated today!

When I get a tech that says this to me, I say, where did you hear that, and he says it’s the truth, you can’t convert an R-12 to R-134a, it will SLUDGE UP!
I asked him again, who told him that and he said he was told when he was trained. That is the problem, that 3 generations of techs have learned the complete lie, and still believe it today, and think it is Gospel, and how dare you question them about it, IT SLUDGES, and YOU CAN’T DO IT, AND I’M NOT DOING IT!

They are so against learning, because they truly believe they know everything, and you don’t know anything if you are an older tech!

Sludge does not happen!
It is a LIE!
Who in their right mind would put R-134a freon in with an R-12 compressor anyway, or leave an R-12 compressor in a system now, and put some other blended or “replacement” freon in it, when it is not designed to work with that Wrong refrigerant!? That is not doing the repair properly!

The proper repair for any R-12 compressor system, is to remove the old R-12 compressor, with the oil in it, and put a New R-134a compressor in it, that has the proper oil that is compatible with R-134a, flush the system, put a new drier on and it is just as new as any refrigerator coming off the assembly line today!

Stay open minded techs, because too many people who don’t know what they are talking about and doing, are teaching others how to do sealed system repairs, and this is how this complete misinformation started 30 years ago, and is still believed today, and it is TOTALLY FALSE, as the video will explain!

If you want to know exactly how to Convert, step by step, from R-12 to R-134a, check out my other Convert from R-12 to R-134a video, “Procedure Video”.

Do repairs properly for customers, please.
Keep your mind open to corrections to things you may have learned wrong.

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