Dyson Hot + Cool HP07 Air Purifying Heating Fan

Dyson Hot + Cool HP07 Air Purifying Heating Fan

Dyson Hot + Cool HP07 Air Purifying Heating Fan
In this video, we give you a closer look at the Dyson Hot + Cool HP07 Air Purifying and Heating fan. This fan gives you the ability to clean the air as well as heat it when necessary. It’s the perfect accessory to keep you comfortable all year round.

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Christopher Jenkins

June 9, 2021 @ 5:27 pm


WOW Super Nice. Very clear voice and easy to understand review. I love it. Keep her around please.

Laura J

June 27, 2021 @ 9:03 pm


too bad no one ever seems to show it running so we can hear how " quiet/loud " it is

Neal Chauhan

July 6, 2021 @ 7:39 pm


Literally the best review I've seen on this thing. Tysm!

Sophie H Kwon

October 28, 2021 @ 3:28 pm


Can I set the exact time when I want it to turn on automatically via the app?

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