Energy Saving Tips For Your Washing Machine

Energy Saving Tips For Your Washing Machine

Energy Saving Tips For Your Washing Machine
In this video, Amy passes on some handy tips to help you run your washing machine more efficiently and save you money on your energy bills.

Get your hands on a wide range of products to maintain your washing machine on the eSpares website:

A well-maintained appliance runs more efficiently, uses less energy and lasts for longer without breaking down. Amy takes you through the steps that will keep your machine as energy-efficient as possible.

Uneven loads can not only affect the outcome of your wash but also put wear and tear on the internal parts of your washer too. Check out our other video right here to find out how to prevent this issue: />
Limescale is a particularly harmful build-up that can cause big problems inside your washing machine. Head over to our website to view our best-selling limescale remover for washing machines and dishwashers and see what our customers have to say about it:

If you ever find there are some unwanted items stuck inside your washing machine drum, don’t worry. Just click on the handy video down below that will help you remove them right away: />
Follow the simple and easy steps in this video to ensure your washing machine is as energy-efficient as possible. This will prolong its life, protect the environment and save you money too.

For more great tips and advice for your household appliances, take a look at our appliance usage playlist: />
Want to skip straight to the information you need? Here’s what we talk about in each part of our video:

0:00 Introducing the video
0:43 Why you should try to run full washing loads
1:08 Learn about washing cycles
1:48 The quick cycle and eco wash benefits
2:11 How to wash heavier items
2:53 Dealing with a noisy or shaking machine
3:10 Suggested video: How to Prevent a Washing Machines Shaking and Spinning Noisily
3:13 Tips for when buying a new machine
3:25 Energy saving when you have a faulty washing machine
3:39 Why you should avoid using too much detergent
4:17 Important washing machine maintenance tips
4:45 Our eSpares washing machine & dishwasher cleaner
4:54 Cleaning the washing machine filter
5:30 The best way to wash small or delicate items
5:50 Suggested video: How to Remove a Stuck item from a Washing Machine Drum
6:00 Suggested playlist: Appliance Energy Saving Tips

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