Front Load vs. Top Load: Which Washer is better?

Front Load vs. Top Load: Which Washer is better?

Front Load vs. Top Load: Which Washer is better?
When you are shopping for a new washer many people have the question which type should I purchase. A top load washer or a front load washer?

Watch our video as we review the top 5 things to consider when purchasing a new washing machine.
1. Which type cleans best?
2. Efficiency – How Energy and Water efficient is your washer. Also which one has quicker wash times. These three metrics all save you money.
3. Cost – Upfront cost. How do they compare?
4. Convenience – how many options do you have to fit your space and needs.
5. Ease to load – which is easiest on your body to load and unload.

1. Which cleans the best? If we only factor in the clean ability then this is a toss up. The top load machine (with an agitator) is not as gentle on clothes so with heavy soiling it tends to remove those stains better because it pulls and stretches your clothing. Does it clean better? I would say yes, BUT it also will wear your clothes out quicker. (Watch our video here about the difference between an agitator and an impeller style top load –

One thing not mentioned in the video is a huge benefit you get from a front load washer. That is the spin cycle tends to be much faster. This does not get your cloths cleaner but it does remove more water from your clothing. This is a huge time saver because it shortens the time your cloths require to dry. (The winner of this category is a toss up : no clear winner)

2. Efficiency – Energy and water conservation is very important. But even more important is which one saves you the most time because time is the most precious thing we have. All new washers are much more efficient than they used to be. Looking at energy usage the top load washer uses less energy. Water usage is better on the front load washer because it does not need to fill up as far. Time savings can be debated. If you look only at the wash cycle then top loads tend to win out because their normal wash cycles are shorter but if you include the wash and dry times then front loads will win. (Front Load Washer Wins)

3. Cost – If you are making a purchase where 100% is dependent on the price of the washer, then you can always find a cheaper top load. Many times they start as low as $399. Entry level front load washers start around $799. There is a trade off with lower price items and like most things you end up getting what you paid for. (Top Load Washer Wins)

4. Convenience – Top Load washers are pretty standard in size and dimensions. The lid is on the top making it impossible to store anything there. Front Load Washers however have additional benefits. Not only can you store and place items on top of the washer and still use it, but a front load washer can also have a dryer placed on top of it making it possible to have both a washer and dryer in tight smaller places. Front load washers also have the option to be placed on a pedestal which provides additional storage. (Front Load Washer Wins)

5. Ease of Loading – When loading clothes into a washer many people complain about either not being able to reach all the way inside to the bottom of a top load washer to pull clothes out or say that they can not bend over to reach inside a front load washer because it hurts their back. Because front load washers have the option of adding a pedestal which lifts the front load washer up and puts the drum at a higher level the front load washer becomes easier to load and unload. ( Front Load Washer Wins)

In conclusion: Looking at the 5 metrics we feel most important, it is clear that most of the time a front load washer would be the better choice. Are there still times when a top load washer would be better? Of course, usually those are when your budget is the most important factor or if your clothes are more heavily soiled than the average person.

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Rain Thomps

November 18, 2021 @ 5:47 pm


Very helpful video!

Craig Hellberg

November 19, 2021 @ 7:59 am


I am in the market for a new machine but it seems no matter what brand you look at they all are just garbage. You’re going to pay $700-$1000 for a machine that is only going to last a maximum of nine years. On top of that the repair rates are so high I just can’t see it. I wish they would all do away with these computer boards that consistently fail and just make a simple machine that washes the clothes and it’s easy to repair if it breaks down. Here in California a top load machine is just out of the question due to the drought. The cost of water is through the roof.

San Ghuloom

November 20, 2021 @ 12:22 pm


I had tried both washing machines. I like top load much better. Since on top load, you can add more clothes if you forget something even if the wash is already starting. Simply pause and open the lid and throw that extra cloth. You can't do that with front load washing machine because once the wash starts, it locks the door; preventing any unintentional opening. I'm using LG 12kg top load washing machine. Cleans very well even with blankets, duvets and comforters. You can even recycle the detergent if you want. Just wash the whites first(wash only and no rinse and spin), then take it out, load the colored ones in a full washing cyle. Afterwards, you can rinse and spin the whites you had just removed earlier. Detergents are pretty strong and its a waste to just use it once (but dont use it more than twice though).

marianne rutledge

November 22, 2021 @ 4:45 pm


who cares- which one clean the best- and the cost and pair

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