FULL REVIEW/DEMO HD4938/10 Philips Induction cooktop 2100-Watts with sensor touch features

FULL REVIEW/DEMO HD4938/10 Philips Induction cooktop 2100-Watts with sensor touch features

FULL REVIEW/DEMO HD4938/10 Philips Induction cooktop 2100-Watts with sensor touch features
Want drill for home – https://youtu.be/X9-avpw1CkI
For test purpose cold water was used instead of room temperature water.

0:38 – Menu Explanation.
2:46 – Before you start using the Induction cooktop.
5:04 – Bottom part of Philips 4938/10.
6:05 – Post cooking tips.
8:10 – Water boiling test 1 liter water at 1000 Watts.
8:48 – Water boiling test 1 liter water at 2100 Watts.
9:35 – How to choose cookware for Induction cooktop.
10:38 – Induction cooktop hack to use non induction cookware.
11:27 – Feature Explanation of Philips HD4938/10.
11:52 – Child lock Philips HD4938.
12:52 – Timer function Philips HD4938.
14:30 – How to boil milk or water on philips induction cooktop.
15:38 – How to use preset function of Philips HD4938.
16:52 – Default temperature and time for different cooking modes.
18:36 – How to use non induction cookware on induction cooktop.
20:58 – Benefits of using induction cooktop.

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I am going to unbox and review Philips Induction Cooktop HP4938/10 . This is my second Review video and vlog video.

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Rohit Sharma

January 6, 2022 @ 4:02 am


Timer or preset ki puri detail hindi me dalo

Ranjeeta Kumari

January 6, 2022 @ 11:20 am


Why does it beeps after every 3 minutes on sim mode?

Faraah Barafwala

January 11, 2022 @ 7:05 am


How to do delayed cooking?on website it shows this functiin is available

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