GE Refrigerator Won’t Cool – Easy Ideas on how to Fix a Refrigerator Not Cooling

GE Refrigerator Won’t Cool – Easy Ideas on how to Fix a Refrigerator Not Cooling

GE Refrigerator Won’t Cool – Easy Ideas on how to Fix a Refrigerator Not Cooling
Do you have a GE Refrigerator that won’t cool at all, or just isn’t getting cool enough? Many times, people think they need to figure out how to add freon to a refrigerator, but many times, its a fix that a regular person can do, or at least troubleshoot themselves easily enough.

In this video, I want to show you some GE Refrigerator troubleshooting – what GE Refrigerator parts to look for that could cause the unit to not work as its intended. On this one, we find out pretty darn fast why it won’t work! But I went ahead and went over other major parts we find that are responsible for causing a refrigerator like this to not work properly.

The goal of this video is to show you why a GE refrigerator won’t cool, and the main, easy-to-fix culprits of why a GE fridge won’t cool.

A few things we cover in the video:

– How to clean a refrigerator
– How to check a refrigerator compressor relay
– How to Repair a GE refrigerator defroster system
– Addressing a GE Refrigerator Not Cooling

Link to the common GE defrost heater for a side-by-side refrigerator:
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Remember: If your refrigerator has dirty condenser coils, it could be failing to cool this GE refrigerator properly, costing you a lot of money as well as why the ice maker won’t automatically operate right – consider buying an appliance cleaning kit to prevent your appliance from an early failure. Link:

Typical defrost heater for GE:


You can buy appliance parts w/ a great warranty at:

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Video Timeline

Intro: (00:00)
Checking and Cleaning Condenser Coils: (01:25)
Comparing Clean and Dirty Coils – What They Look Like: (03:58)
Checking Condenser Fan Running: (05:18)
How to Check if Compressor is Running: (05:48)
How to Check a Relay: (06:22)
Defroster System: (07:27)
How to Test the Defrost Heater: (08:33)
Taking Apart System to Check Evaporator Fan: (09:34)
Outro / Things We Tested in System: (11:24)
How to Find Parts for Your Specific Refrigerator: (13:14)

K Apara

February 25, 2022 @ 4:31 am


Amazing job!


February 25, 2022 @ 6:48 pm


Thank you Ben for covering so many different scenarios. Can't wait to get home and check to see what's going on with mine.

Tom Carter

February 26, 2022 @ 5:06 pm


Hi, my refrigerator is at only about 50 degrees. It sounds like the evaporator fan runs for a second or two, then stops, the back on for another second or two, and continues this cycle. Any ideas?
Thanks, Tom Carter

Kalena hague

February 26, 2022 @ 6:33 pm



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