HOW TO decide which kitchen hob vs stove to buy | Kitchen appliance Buying Guide

HOW TO decide which kitchen hob vs stove to buy | Kitchen appliance Buying Guide

HOW TO decide which kitchen hob vs stove to buy | Kitchen appliance Buying Guide
Should you buy a hob or stove/ cooktop? What are the pros and cons of kitchen hob? What size of kitchen hob to buy? How many flames are required in kitchen hob? Should you prefer Indian burner or Italian burner? Should you prefer brass or aluminium burner? What is flame failure detection or flame failure device? What type of ignition should you buy for the kitchen hob? HOW TO decide which hob to buy Kitchen appliance Buying Guide

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00:00 – Introduction
00:38 – Pros and cons of Hob vs Cooktop
02:01 – What type of burner to buy for kitchen hob / cooktop?
03:10 – Is Brass burner or aluminium burner better?
03:19 – How many burners is best in kitchen hob / cooktop?
03:46 – How to identify the flame size in kitchen hob / cooktop?
04:49 – What size of kitchen hob / cooktop to buy?
05:07 – What size kitchen chimney to buy for 60 cm, 70 cm or 90 cm hob?
05:35 – What type of ignition is best for the kitchen hob / cooktop?
06:09 – Kitchen hob safety – Position of knobs
06:20 – Type of finish (also add the heat aspect)
07:03 – Kitchen hob safety – Flame Failure Detection / Flame failure device

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These days – many people prefer hobs – but there is also the option of the humble counter top stove – which may be the right option for you. You also don’t always need 4 or 5 burners,

First – Hob or cooktop or countertop – which should you go for?
The biggest benefit of the hob is that it gives a seamless look in the kitchen but does require routine cleaning and maintenance. There are a number of reasons to go for a cooktop – the most important one being it is easier to install and easier to clean. You don’t need any masonry work to install. You can always lift the stove and clean below it when there are spillages. The rings and burners can also be removed and cleaned while in the hob not everything can be removed. You also have more flexibility in terms of where to place the cooktop and it is less expensive.

What type of burner to buy? For both hobs and cooktops or counter top models – you get both options of an Indian burner (which comes in aluminum and brass) and an Italian / European burner also called SABAF burners. The Italian /European burner comes with a single flame, have a plate on top and cooking time is longer. Most Indian households prefer the Indian burner in brass.

Brass or aluminium burners? Brass burners have a longer durability and efficiency than aluminium burners.

How many burners do you need? This is a very personal preference – it depends on how good you are at multitasking while cooking 🙂

Flame size of burners? Not all burners will be of the same size. If you cook smaller quantities often, you need more number of smaller burners than larger ones. And similarly – if you cook larger quantity of food in large thick bottom vessels (like cast iron), then you need more number of larger burners than smaller ones. The output heat can vary from 1 KW for the small burners to 4 KW for the large burners but is not often published by vendors. You can make out the flame size by the diameter as well. Higher the diameter, larger the flame size. Number of flame rings is the other thing to look out for if published. It comes in 1, 2, 3 flame rings – larger ones can have higher flame rings for more heat output.

What size to buy? Cooktops normally come in 60 cms width while hobs are available in 60 cm and 90 cm. You will need to match the kitchen chimney size to this size as well.

What type of ignition? Most cooktops come with battery operated or manual ignition. Most hobs come with battery operated or electrical ignition.

Position of controls? Controls come in the front or side.

Glass or stainless steel finish? if you do decide to buy the tempered glass one – make sure you don’t keep any hot vessels on the glass directly.

Flame Failure Device? Most hobs come with this option – making them safer.

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If u are preffering cook top then why u shift from cook top to hob….
Double standereds

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Has anyone used a cooking range? Is it a good option? Any information on this will be helpfuk

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