How To Hookup a Washer and Dryer – Complete Guide

How To Hookup a Washer and Dryer – Complete Guide

How To Hookup a Washer and Dryer – Complete Guide
Items Used:
Dryer Vent Hose:
Another Great Vent Hose:
Dryer Electric Cable:

Washer Hot/Cold Hoses:
Washer Drain Hoses:
Washer Outlet Box Face Plate:

Other Items That are Helpful:
Easy Dryer Hose Clamps:
Dryer Vent Box:
Dryer Vent 90 degree Elbow:
Dryer Vent Cleaner:
Dryer 3 to 4 Prong Adapter:

Washer Outlet Box:

Home Toolkit:

Time Stamps:
0:45 – Dryer Hose Unbox
1:45 – Dryer Hose Hookup
2:02 – Vent Box Hookup
5:09 – Power Cord Install
8:02 – Washer Start
8:46 – Washer Hoses Hookup
8:57 – Washer Drain Hose Install
10:00 – Drain Hose Replaced
10:07 – Water Fail


In this video, I show step by step how to install a washer and dryer.

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