Is LG’s LFCC22426S French Door Refrigerator Worth It? – Review

Is LG’s LFCC22426S French Door Refrigerator Worth It? – Review

Is LG’s LFCC22426S French Door Refrigerator Worth It? – Review
In this video, you will learn all the best features of this refrigerator as well as a few problems. Then we will compare the LG versus some other comparably priced French door counter depths from Beko, Samsung, and KitchenAid, so by the end you will know if the LG is right for you.

At $1,899.00 the LG LFCC looks like an ordinary French door. It has the ice on the inside versus the LG LFXC which has the external dispenser. This refrigerator is large at 23 cubic feet, and it is available.

It’s a good price at a good size and you can buy it.

Unlike Beko, and Samsung with 2 evaporators, LG has one evaporator with their linear compressor and 5 sensor points throughout the refrigerator to maintain temperature.

Linear compressors can pump cold air faster than regular compressors with fewer parts. In fact, LG warranties their compressor for 10 years versus 5 years for other competitive brands.

That’s all good. But the air is recycled through the refrigerator and freezer unlike 2 evaporators that keep the air separate.


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0:34 Best Features
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1:41 Competition
3:06 Should You Buy It?

Doug JB

March 13, 2021 @ 1:25 am


We bought a similar, traditional door bottoms-freezer LG about 2.5 years ago, based mainly on it yielding the most cubic footage for the width and depth of the floorspace available in our kitchen.

We’re pleased with some aspects, less with others. It’s quiet and has been trouble free, maintains temperature pretty well, and doesn’t seem prone to odors.

-The basic layout of the shelving is not great. They all span the full width of the interior, so there’s no area that has an extra-tall vertical space. We can’t fit a gallon milk jug or a tall water bottle, and to even put beer bottles on one shelf, the shelf above has to be so high that it can’t accept anything taller than an egg carton or glass casserole type dish.
-It occasionally freezes things, but I think that’s because we sometimes put too much blocky stuff too far back and it blocks airflow.
-The exterior metal skin of the freezer door is showing a lot of discoloration, seems to be rust coming through from behind. Do you know this can be replaced?

Have a great weekend, Y’ale.

valma bulner

August 30, 2021 @ 3:45 am


Our LG French Door Fridge is 8 months old and is now not working. we have been 3 weeks without a fridge. LG have not called me once, all calls have been made by me to them. I still have no resolution.

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