LG Refrigerator   Top Mount Refrigerator Overall Use

LG Refrigerator Top Mount Refrigerator Overall Use

LG Refrigerator Top Mount Refrigerator Overall Use
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Sree S

August 2, 2021 @ 1:01 am


Is there a light bulb for the freezer compartment? I’m not able to see anything that lights up the freezer compartment.

Stela S

August 7, 2021 @ 1:54 am


Does the model LTCS20020S have any wheels (front and/or back)? I have just bought one and cannot see any wheels at the front or back. I wonder if the store has not installed them.

Mutant Baby

October 17, 2021 @ 5:48 pm


Where do I put my eggs?

Yaan Ts’udənbesdai

December 11, 2021 @ 8:04 am


Intuitive, intuitive, intuitive, intuitive, intuitive video. Without this video I would NEVER…….NEVER……..have ANY IDEA……..as to how to set temperatures, removes shelves and bins, etc…………………NEVER………

One major qualm I have about this gargantuan-sized fridge is that: I like that fact that it uses a flat LED light in the fridge which is basically impossible to break and is in no way obstructive or in the way — as opposed to my old fridge which had an old fashioned 'light bulb.' The standard old fridge with light bulb is always in the way of food and thus easy to accidentally break with either the hands or a food item.

However the LED lighting in this fridge compared to the old fashioned light bulb is very 'weak' and not effective enough at lighting the entire fridge: Most of my fridge, with food in it, is not well-lit and too dark as a result…

I am also, so far, struggling to find the right temperature settings: Even at the warmest temperature setting, the freezer is still too cold — and at the 2nd to coldest setting (4), the fridge is a little too cold and my food is prone to 'icing over'. However, when the fridge temperature was set to the middle temperature (3) — the items in my fridge are slightly too warm for my tastes — hence 'spoilage' of food is more prone to happen too quickly…

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