Long Term Review of Our Dometic CFX3-75DZ // Off-Grid Compressor Fridge

Long Term Review of Our Dometic CFX3-75DZ // Off-Grid Compressor Fridge

Long Term Review of Our Dometic CFX3-75DZ // Off-Grid Compressor Fridge
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After using our Dometic CFX3 75DZ compressor fridge for a year, we wanted to give you some feedback of how we liked it.

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00:00 Introduction
03:16 Marlene’s Thoughts
07:05 Dan’s Thoughts
09:11 CFX3 Mobile App via Bluetooth
12:15 Cooking with the fridge
17:47 Additional Thoughts
26:10 Conclusion

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Viktor Jarinov

October 6, 2021 @ 7:30 pm


Useful review thank you.
I almost decided to but one, but one thing is bothering me.
Official manufacturer spec
shows 9!! amp for DC.
May be they meant starting regime, when unit working hard with lowest setup temp?

Thomas Lomax

October 17, 2021 @ 12:04 am


Sold! Great video – exactly the information I needed and some useful extras too! Thank you!

Steven Philips

November 4, 2021 @ 5:53 pm


Hi. Thanks for your awesome videos. I was looking at your lithium battery building videos, but since I also have this same fridge, I looked at this one. My fridge is just over two years old, and out of warranty. It has a problem, likely with the control board. The problem occurred during the warranty period, but by the time we got home from our trip, it was too late. It seems highly likely that the problem, which I’ll describe below, is with the control board. I am unable to fine a replacement control board. Dometic was not able to help me nor even steer me in the right direction. So here’s the problem:

There doesn’t seem to be viable communication between the thermostat and the cooling unit on one of the compartments. It’s just always on max cold. So it’s not a huge issue that makes the unit unusable, as I like to have one side as freezer and the other as fridge. So if I set one side at 36°f. and the other at 10°f, the 36° side is fine, but the other side goes below 0°f. And the power draw is happening 24/7. So when I have shore power at a campsite it runs on 110V which is fine as it’s not costing me any extra money. But when off grid with my solar and 200Ah lithium batteries, it’s on 12V and drawing about 3.5A. That’s 84Ah/day. So I also have other loads to run. Not a lot as this setup is in my van, and I tow a camper behind. But I charge my eBike batteries and tool batteries, plus I sometimes draw power from the inverter to charge the camper batteries, if the camper is in the shade as is often the case. I park my van in the sun, often at a trail head or kayak launch. So I need that power.

Very disappointed that Dometic’s only solution is for me to throw this unit out and buy a new one. That’s just terrible. Bad for the environment, and now these are even a lot more expensive than they were. I wouldn’t bother you with this whole story if you weren’t a Dometic brand ambassador. Being an RV owner, my life is full of many Dometic products. I’m a very good customer. But I feel like they’ve thrown me in the ditch on this issue. I hope you can help me. My model is actually “Dometic CFX75DZW 12v Electric Powered Cooler, Fridge Freezer” bought off Amazon on 8/20/2019 for $1,078.76. They are now $1,400. Folks should know about this!

Sophie Haricot

November 7, 2021 @ 11:52 pm


You stated it can be run as refrigerator & freezer, both sides as refrigerators, or both freezers. The Dometic user manual does not address this. On the REI website, they say you cannot run both sides as a freezer. I questioned where they found this info and their response was they “ reached out to Dometic.” As ambassadors for Dometic, what are your thoughts on this? Thank you.
PS Love that you shipped your van to Europe. My goal in another year or 2.

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