Ingredients for Fish Curry:

– Fish- 1 Kg (Rohu, Trout, Asian Carp)

Onion-Tomato-Chilli Paste:
– Onion, quartered- 3 medium
– Tomatoes, quartered- 2 medium
– Green Chillies, cut- 3

Roasted Masala Powder:
– Coriander Seeds- 1.5 tsp
– Cumin Seeds- 3/4 tsp
– Methi Seeds(Fenugreek seeds)- pinch (1/8 tsp)

– Mustard Seeds- 1 tsp
– Curry Leaves- 15-20

Other Ingredients:
– Ginger Garlic paste- 2 tbsp
– Turmeric Powder- 1 tsp
– Red Chilli Powder- 5-6 tsp
– Tamarind pulp- 50 gm tamarind soaked in 200 ml water & strained
– Oil- 6 tbsp
– Salt- 2 tsp + 1/4 tsp for seasoning

– Soak 50 gms of tamarind in 200 ml of warm warm for 30 mins. Strain it to remove the seeds and get a thick tamarind pulp.
– Alternatively you can also use readymade tamarind paste but you will have to add less since that is more sour.
– Peel & quarter the onions and tomatoes, cut the green chillies.
– Add all these into a grinder/blender and blend into a smooth paste.
– Dry roast the items for the Spice Powder (coriander, cumin and methi seeds) in a pan on low heat for 2-3 mins. Remove onto a plate to cool and then grind it into a powder.

– Heat oil in a pot/pan and add the mustard seeds and curry leaves. Give a stir and then add the Onion-Tomato-Chilli paste. Fry on medium heat for 5 mins and then add the Ginger Garlic paste. Mix and continue to fry on medium heat for another 5 mins till the paste is cooked and no raw smell remains.
– Now add the Turmeric, Red Chilli Powder & salt, give a mix and continue to fry on medium to low heat for 3-4 mins till the masala is cooked.
– Add the tamarind pulp, give a mix and add 450 ml water. Give a mix and cover with a lid.
– Cook covered on low heat for 10 mins till the gravy is cooked & oil separates.
– Slide in the fish pieces side by side and gently stir them in the gravy.
– Cover & cook on low heat for 10 mins.
– Remove the lid and add in the roasted masala powder. Shake the pan gently to mix.
– Add salt for seasoning. Gently mix.
– Continue to cook covered on low heat for another 5 mins.
– The curry is ready to be served but tastes best when allowed to rest for a few hours and then consumed.