Simple Sourdough BREAD RECIPE. | by JoyRideCoffee
Simple Sourdough BREAD RECIPE. While I sleep & work the loaves grow on their own.

Like any lazy homebaker my biggest wish is to make perfect loaves with minimum work. This hunt will never stop. The procedure in the clip above is by far the best option of “lazy bread”. Basically mixing the ingredients starts in the evening, after I returned from work and made my family obligations. The mixing of the ingredients and the gluten development procedures lasts 20-30 minutes (within 2-3 hours). Then dough will rest overnight on a cool balcony while I sleep peacefully. The next morning before work, among the things I usualy do in the morning: coffee, kid awakening, brushing, sandwiches and so on, I shape the loaves and put them in the fridge for cold proofing. Takes no more then 10 minutes. The loaves will stay in proofing at different times so I will have a fresh and creamy hot bread not only for dinner but also for breakfast.

19:00 mix flour and water then rest
20:00 mix sourdough starter and knead for 5-8min then rest
20:30 mix with salt and knead for 5-8min then rest
21:00 one strong fold for strenght then rest
21:30 lamination then rest overnight bulk proofing in a cool place (14-18 degrees Celsius)
… and sleep until
07:00 AM shaping

First loaf: baked when I back from from work at 18:00 (after 11 hours cold final proofing)

Second loaf: baked next morning before work at 07:00 (after 24 hours cold final proofing)
Baked same method, on baking steel 15 min at 240 degrees Celsius with steam and 30 min. at 210 degrees Celsius without steam.

100g whole wheat spelta (fresh milled)
50g whole rye (fresh milled)
500g strong flour (manitoba)
510g water
127g sourdough starter (100% hydration)
15g salt

I have made for my followers a list of essential tools for baking bread at home. These are my personal choices based on experience so far. Remember, buying from these links makes my JoyRideCoffee journey to continue. Ad links!

Hario Kettle: j
Hario scale: Z
Glass Jar for sourdough starter: k
Pyrex square dish for bulk proofing: b
Non Slip Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls: C
Danish Dough Whisk Bread Mixer: e
Silicone spatula: X
Grinder for bran (for airy whole wheat loaves): J
Pulp Banneton Proofing Basket: x
Big Bench Scraper 5 Inch x 7 Inch D
Dough & Bowl Scrapers: h
Zatoba Bread Lame: b
Bread Lame: F
Pizza Peel: v
French Baguette Baking Pan, Non-stick Perforated: x
Baking Steel Griddle: l
Natural Lava Rocks: S

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