Save $10,000+ Restore your SubZero Refrigerator/Freezer Don’t Buy a New one, like SubZero tells you!

Save $10,000+ Restore your SubZero Refrigerator/Freezer Don’t Buy a New one, like SubZero tells you!

Save $10,000+ Restore your SubZero Refrigerator/Freezer Don’t Buy a New one, like SubZero tells you!
Save $10,000+

SubZero refrigerators and freezers that are older, can be repaired, and are worth repairing, but SubZero and too many technicians will tell you that they can’t get parts for it, it’s not worth repairing, or can’t be repaired, and that’s simply not true at all!

SubZero refrigerators and freezers that are older, have very few operational parts in them, which makes them even more repairable, and cheaper to repair, than the newer ones that are outrageously expensive to buy, and will not last anywhere as long as the older one you have now!

Customers have been told lies for too many years by SubZero and a lot of technicians that tell you to go out and buy a New SubZero refrigerator, for $10,000 to $18,000, when your unit can be repaired for a tenth or less than a new one, under $2,000, and make it last another 15 to 20 years!

Part of the beginning of this video is education about the reasons that SubZero and technicians tell you to buy a new one, which is wrong information they are telling you, that you need to be aware of, to make an informed decision. Part of the video is also about the lies that have been told by SubZero and other manufacturers, about “sludging” of freon that will occur, if you convert a unit from R-12 to R-134a, which has been a lie that keeps being told to new technicians, generation after generation, starting back in the 90’s, when R-12 was banned!

Sludging of freon, will not occur when converting a system from R-12 to R-134a, if you do the repair properly, as the car industry has also been doing with car air conditioning systems since the 90’s, with zero issues, and I have been doing with domestic refrigerators since the 90’s with zero issues! It is all a lie, from SubZero and others to sell you a new $10,000+ New refrigerator, instead of fixing it for less than a tenth of that cost!

The final part of the video discusses the Restoration Kits, consisting of a new compressor, evaporators, heat exchanger and filter/drier, that will bring your SubZero refrigerator back to life, to last another 20+ years!

Restoring your older SubZero refrigerator and freezer, also will avoid you having to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars remodeling your kitchen, because the new refrigerator, freezer doesn’t always come int he same size as they used to, which could easily cost you another $20,000 – $50,000 potentially!

Please don’t fall for the BS that Subzero has been telling customers for the last 30 years, that your older SubZero refrigerator or freezer cannot be fixed!

All older SubZero refrigerators an freezers can be fixed, and I supply and sell the seal;ed system parts, as well as all other parts, to repair them, at dramatically cheaper prices than a new unit costs!

If you have questions about your SubZero refrigeration product, go to my SubZero restoration kits web site, for details and to see the restoration kits and prices for yourself, and if you have any questions or your model is not listed on the web site, you can contact me and I will discuss all the details for you.

Don’t throw away your older SubZero refrigerator or freezer, Restore it, no matter what anyone, including SubZero told you!

Email me if you have questions or need more assistance right away:

Agatha Wysoczanski

September 19, 2021 @ 6:29 pm


Thank you so much for troubleshooting the freezer issue with us!!! It’s amazing how you know the units so well! ☺️🥰

V-Mod Solutions

November 24, 2021 @ 3:26 am


Unreal, my man….I will be reaching out to u regarding info on a circa 1987 ge monogram 42" built in….I have been keeping this thing going for years but it now developed a problem with the sealed system….I want to keep it and I could do it but I lack the complete knowledge of rebuilding the sealed system and retrofitting over to r134a compressor…I know u can help me do it!

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