The Best Thing I Got On Amazon 2021! | How to use Portable Washing Machine – 2 Year Review

The Best Thing I Got On Amazon 2021! | How to use Portable Washing Machine – 2 Year Review

The Best Thing I Got On Amazon 2021! | How to use Portable Washing Machine – 2 Year Review
This is my honest 2-year review of the Black + Decker portable washing machine and spin dryer combo. It’s great for camping, RV life, and for a small home without washer/dryer hookups. Is it still worth buying? Get this washer here:

▸ Black + Decker 0.9 cu. ft. Compact Washer, White (Amazon) *the exact same model I have* (Amazon) *same model, newer version* (Walmart) (Home Depot 0.9 cu. ft.) (Home Depot 1.6 cu. ft.) (Home Depot 2.0 cu. ft.) (Black & Decker)

▸ Faucet adapter you need for this washer

▸ Replacement hose I got (way better than the one attached!)

▸ Washer Black Dust Cover (black color) (cream color)

▸ Dolly for a Washer

▸ Velcro Sticky-Back Hook and Loop Fasteners (for securing the hose to the sink)

▸ Furniture Stopper (Requires No Lifting – for keeping the washer in place)

▸ Panda 3.5 cu.ft Compact Portable Electric Laundry Dryer (Home Depot) (*New Smart Model, Amazon) (Home Depot) (Amazon) (Amazon) (Black+Decker 3.5 CU. FT.) (Black+Decker 2.65 CU. FT.) (Walmart)

▸ Panda 1.50 cu. ft. Compact Portable Laundry Dryer (Home Depot) (Amazon) (Walmart) (Walmart)

▸ Magic Chef 1.5 cu ft Compact Dryer (Home Depot) (Walmart)

▸ Filters for the dryer (Walmart) (Amazon)

Check out my *portable washer and dryer playlist*: />

My portable DRYER full review: />—————



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The Best Thing I Got On Amazon 2021! | How to use Portable Washing Machine – 2 Year Review

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Sherri Williams

February 13, 2021 @ 6:40 pm


I bought my portable Black n Decker washer last August because of your video and I love mine. I can do laundry anytime I want to. Got tired of losing money at the laundry room.


December 16, 2021 @ 6:56 pm


my plumbing can’t handle the pressure with the faucet but my brain can’t handle going to the laundromat

You say you can manually fill but is it paused while your filling manually, if so when on “pause” ? -have you tried this? And if paused how does the sensor work

Can you detail that a bit more in a video down the road? Thanks either way !! Great info

Stop, Stack, and Snag

December 17, 2021 @ 12:08 am


This washing machine is a NIGHTMARE I got it as a gift and mine broke within 1 month of having it I absolutely HATE IT! Mind you I only put 2 or 3 items at a time I called black and decker they told me to cut the end of the cord off the part you put in the socket and send it to them then they will ship me a new one. They took 9 MONTHS to send me a new one I only had the 1 year warranty it came with now I finally got my machine again after MONTHS OF NOT HAVING IT and well this washer is a NIGHTMARE because low and behold the washer now is giving me problems AGAIN!!! The spin cycle is shaking so terribly bad and making loud noises also when I opened the washer after the cycle finished I found a screw in the bottom of the washer and I was not washing jeans or anything that may have pockets just in case y’all were wondering if the strew came from a pocket or something it didn’t. This WASHER IS HORRIBLE SAVE YOUR MONEY. BLACK N DECKER IS ALSO UNPROFESSIONAL. I haven’t had it for a full year and this is the 2nd one I’ve gotten and there’s something wrong with this one too. 0 stars poor quality machine.

Simple Me

December 20, 2021 @ 7:34 pm


Thanks for sharing about the cover.😀💟

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