The Best way to Solder? Hot Plate to the rescue! (DIY or Buy)

The Best way to Solder? Hot Plate to the rescue! (DIY or Buy)

The Best way to Solder? Hot Plate to the rescue! (DIY or Buy)
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In this episode of DIY or Buy we will be having a look at reflow soldering plates. I am familiar with hand soldering, hot air reflow soldering and oven reflow soldering and I was looking for a better technique that is easy to pull off and not as bulky as an oven. That is when I found out about reflow plates. So I bought myself one for testing and around the same time a viewer of mine reached out with a DIY solution. So in this video I will test both versions and ultimately tell you whether hot plate soldering is awesome and whether you should DIY one or simply buy one! Let’s get started!

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0:00 My Soldering techniques suck!
1:10 Hot Plate soldering?
1:53 Intro
2:36 Buy option test
4:35 DIY PCB version functional principle
5:21 DIY Schematic & Code
6:57 DIY Build
9:33 DIY option test
10:22 Verdict

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Thanks for your fantastic and inspiring videos, There is another video request for you.

Make a motorised fabirc sun shade for the yard with automatic on/off by pre-defined time periods.

I have searched youtube but no video is available on the topic so hopefully u will make one. thanks

144 L’IVO

March 8, 2022 @ 6:44 pm


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