Top Chest Freezers 450 Liters | 6 Models of Rockwell Chest Freezer | Rockwell Industries Limited

Top Chest Freezers 450 Liters | 6 Models of Rockwell Chest Freezer | Rockwell Industries Limited

Top Chest Freezers 450 Liters | 6 Models of Rockwell Chest Freezer | Rockwell Industries Limited
This video is all about 6 models of Chest Freezers from Rockwell Industries limited . Standard Freezers (SFR), Green Freezers(GFR), Green Freezers Eutectic(GFRET).The below are some features of RockWell Freezers.

• Soft Look with Castor wheels for easy movement.
• High Efficiency Freezers.
• Three sides air circulation.
• Deep Freezer and chiller.
• Holds cooling for longer time compared to other freezers.

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Rockwell Industries Limited established in the year 1986 this video looks back at the beginnings of the company and how it stood for innovation and excellence from its early days. Has relentlessly developed as a pioneer and steadily grown to become a leading Commercial Refrigeration Appliance manufacturer in India. Rockwell is one of the first organizations in India to present CFC free refrigeration solutions.

Rockwell has been at the cutting edge of new innovation and has constantly led the enhancement of new products in light of changing needs of businesses.

Our manufacturing facilities in #Hyderabad, India delivers 400,000+ machines every year. With 13 branches and more than 120 business partners, Rockwell is spread across the length and breadth of the country and beyond.

Rockwell is a pioneering commercial Refrigerators Manufacturer known for its world-class R and D and manufacturing capabilities in India.

To build a global brand by providing technologically advanced, environmentally sustainable and economical refrigeration solutions.

To reform, recreate and re-engineer a culture of change in the manufacturing of refrigeration products. Our aim is to educate, and empower the end user with the power of choice. A choice to choose GREEN!

Rockwell, dwells on a culture that has evolved over three decades anchored with discipline, integrity & values as the foundation. We adopt ethical practices in delivering high quality, high reliability eco-friendly refrigeration solutions. Holding this as our premise we aim to grow into a global enterprise.

Over the years, we have built products that are competent in offering outstanding environmental sustainability & superior lifetime economy as well as user-friendliness.

1st in India in refrigeration domain to receive the IGBC Platinum Rating.

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