Top Five Best Wood Burning Stoves!! (26% Tax Credit Eligible!!)

Top Five Best Wood Burning Stoves!! (26% Tax Credit Eligible!!)

Top Five Best Wood Burning Stoves!! (26% Tax Credit Eligible!!)
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Today, we’re ranking Trevor’s Top 5 Wood Burning Stoves!

Burn season is practically here! Check out Trevor’s top five wood burning stoves.All of our wood stoves are of the highest quality brands. All of these stoves are EPA certified and eligible for the 26% Federal Tax Credit. Trevor breaks down each stove and what he likes about them and some of the draw backs. If you would like to see them for yourself come by our showroom!

#5 – Napoleon S Series – Re-Burn System – Steel
-PROS: Strong brand name, Large viewing window, Shelf compartment.
#4 – MF Fire Nova 2 – Catalytic Combustor –
-PROS: Insert & Freestanding, Nice burn.
-CONS: none.
#3 – Iron Strike 230- Re-Burn System – Steel-
-PROS: Customizable, Different size options, Blower attachment.
#2 – Hearthstone – Catalytic Combustor – Soap Stone & Cast Iron
-PROS: Longest burn time, most efficient, side load, rear vent.
#1 – Vermont Casting –
-PROS: Strong brand name, Cast iron, Beautiful color finishes, Top load.

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Chris S

January 24, 2022 @ 5:54 pm


pa-pa-pa-pah :() nice

Rob’s Axe

January 25, 2022 @ 1:00 am


Great video, thanks!!

wendy labonte

January 28, 2022 @ 8:26 am


I fail to see how this is a biased commercial because there are MANY wood stoves out there much better, more efficient, easier to maintain and designed more for the only source of heat in very inclement weather where it is weeks and months on end below below zero with unheard of wind chills. Now this separates the stoves from the wood stoves….Blaze King is the first to come to mind with many others that qualify….paired with a catalytic converter which is required in many areas is what I have used for many years… has never failed and after 15 years is still in excellent condition!!! Jotul and Woodstock brands are better than the ones you listed as well…but do not take my word for it I only have trusted my life to a real wood stove….

wendy labonte

January 28, 2022 @ 8:57 am


I cannot believe that you have the "gall" to insinuate that your stove line is all there is out there….you have not even mentioned the most reliable and easiest to clean brands, the warmest and hardiest brands….you also fail to mention that the more bends in your pipe, the less efficient your stove becomes…not to mention it makes the pipe harder and messier to clean and each bend is a rust out area in the making and a "choke down" for efficient drafting….for those who do not know this term, it means an area that prevents efficient draw to light a d bur your wood and a choke area increases the chances of smoke belching into your house when the door opens to feed the stove…..very bad….if you have never had a soapstone wood stove,….you are in for a huge disappointment if you intend to use it for your only source of heat in below zero weather….plus it looks like crap after a year of continuos 24 hour /7 days a week… 365 days a year….if you just use it on occasion as a third kind of heat no worries….but soapstone becomes fragile after continuos firing and will crack easily and frequently especially with continuous pounding by heavy woods being added to that hot stone!!! No big overnight logs!!
You really are trying to sell your stoves and leaving out important information for "greenhorn" stove buyers…..good for you…..rake in that money….do not worry that someone may light their house on fire………sleep well tonight!!!

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