TotalCool Fridge Freezers and Air Coolers

TotalCool Fridge Freezers and Air Coolers

TotalCool Fridge Freezers and Air Coolers
TotalFreeze 35/45/55l

Introducing the all new Totalcool portable 12v/24v and mains power compressor fridge freezers.

The new Totalfreeze Range uses the latest cooling technology and features. Manufactured from the highest quality components, the Totalfreeze Range is lightweight, robust and beautifully designed. All this and an exceptionally low current draw at only 40-50 watts.

Perfect for days at the beach, fishing trips or as an extra fridge freezer in the caravan, motorhome and boat etc…

Prices starting from £350.00

Totalcool 3000
Use the unit with either 12-volt, 24-volt or Mains power
• The Totalcool 3000 features 4 fan speed control, offering a full range of choice anywhere between off and boost!
• The Totalcool 3000 also features Low Battery Voltage Cut-out Technology, reducing the risk of flat batteries!
• The Totalcool portable air cooler is robust, compact, lightweight and has an extremely low power draw.
• Totalcool is designed and constructed in the UK using local and imported quality checked components.
Now for only £340.00

Totalpower 500
The Totalpower 500 is the very latest in lightweight portable lithium power technology. Using the highest quality components and ergonomic design with features such as 12-volt socket, 4 x USB sockets, 1 x micro USB, 2 x inverter AC mains power sockets, wireless charging, fast charge, solar charging, ultra-bright torch and smart use digital LCD display.

Perfect for running The Totalfreeze cool box range, the Totalcool 3000 evaporative cooling system, laptops, mobile phones and even low power AC mains appliances such as TVs, power tools, hair straighteners and much more.
Now for only £550.00
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