Unboxing The Samsung QN90A Series Neo QLED

Unboxing The Samsung QN90A Series Neo QLED

Unboxing The Samsung QN90A Series Neo QLED
In this video, we unbox the new QN90A series Neo QLED TV from Samsung. The model we used was the QN55QN90A. This TV uses mini LEDs to illuminate the picture. With black levels close to OLED and super vibrant colors, this is a TV built for home theater use.

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Sifz Hossain

April 9, 2021 @ 11:57 am


Hello. I thought the q70a 55 inch is 950 dollar. But in your website it shows 1100 dollar. Why is that ? Did the price increase?

erfgthy greas

April 10, 2021 @ 5:25 pm


How is the qn90a compared to the CX

Patricio Maturana

June 4, 2021 @ 2:53 am


opinan weones que ni siquiera tienen el televisor…..

Tomato Sauce

August 22, 2021 @ 3:25 pm


4K TV inboxing at FHD.

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