Wood Burning Inserts for an existing fireplace (What are the best inserts?)

Wood Burning Inserts for an existing fireplace (What are the best inserts?)

Wood Burning Inserts for an existing fireplace (What are the best inserts?)
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So your wondering if its worth it to put in a wood insert? First of all what is a wood insert, and how do you shop for one? That is what we talk about in this video. For starters lets define what a wood insert is. If you dont already have an existing fireplace in your home. You are not going to want a wood insert. You are going to want a Wood FIREPLACE. Wood inserts are designed to go into an old drafty fireplace that has an existing chimney. The point and purpose of a wood insert is really twofold. First and usually foremost, its to make your fireplace more efficient. How wood inserts do that is, is they seal off your old drafty fireplace. Also since the inserts are self contained units. They build up a lot more heat, and usually have ceramic glass, so you get a ton of radiant heat transfer and is fully capable of heating a whole home and can be used as your primary heater. So now the you know what a wood insert is, here are some tips on how to successfully shop for some.

First and most importantly is the size of your existing fireplace. You need to determine what your height, width, and depth is of your existing fireplace. Remember the insert will be physically inserted into the fireplace, so it won’t do any good to shop for one that is too large for your opening, as it would be impossible to install the insert. So that is the best place to start, because it will most likely eliminate some options for you so you can start to narrow down your choices.

Second you need to determine how much space you want to heat. Because even though all our wood inserts are super efficient, they do usually heat different amount of spaces based on how physically large the firebox is. Sometimes wood inserts won’t be flush but rather come out onto your hearth like a wood stove would. This allows for a deeper firebox, thus allowing more wood and can heat a much larger space. So if your trying to heat over 2,000 square feet as a primary heat source. I would for sure recommend something with a much deeper firebox so you can easily heat the square footage you desire.

Third would be looks. Sometimes you just want to spruce up the fireplace area, especially since its more of a focal point in the room. Maybe you want something flush with your opening and more modern clean lines.

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boe dillard

February 17, 2022 @ 4:35 am


Do you sell efficient wood fireplaces for new construction?

Midnight Daydreaming

February 17, 2022 @ 6:00 am


Hi, I have quick question. I’m new to wood burning fireplaces and I’m currently renovating a historic 1899 Victorian 2,000 sq ft house in St. Louis, Mo. The original fireplaces in the house were coal burning but were bricked up. I’m reopening the living room fireplace for aesthetic and heating purposes. I’m also going to get the chimney serviced. Would a wood burning insert be a good idea for my situation?

Steven Tipton

March 9, 2022 @ 4:30 am


great video

Sean Everett

March 29, 2022 @ 3:59 am


We have a 3000 sq ft home with an old wood burning fireplace in the middle of the house. The metal liner is rusted and cracked, so we are not currently using the fireplace. We love the idea of a wood burning insert, but I'm a little concerned about how this kind of unit would distribute heat to the areas of the house that are furthest from the fireplace. Is this a valid concern, or have you seen these units distribute heat efficiently throughout the house?

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