Cheese Hash Brown Recipe


How to Make Cheese Hash Brown

I made a crispy hash brown in an easy way.
If you like cheese, you can make it with cheese.
If you like the crunchy flavor, try it only with potatoes without cheese.
It is not difficult to do and it is really delicious.

*** Weighing is the scale (g), rice spoon (tablespoon), teaspoon (teaspoon) weighing.

[2 cheeses, 3 basic pieces (11×5,5cm)]
✤ Ingredients
-4 Potatoes, 560g (617g before peeling)
-3g of salt (1 teaspoon / flat)
-60g (6 tablespoons) of corn starch
-2 tablespoons of cooking oil (when roasting potatoes)

-The reason for rinsing potatoes with water is that the potato starch, which has moisture, is not crunchy and moist.
– Make sure to add cornstarch to make it crispy (no flour)
-In addition to salt, you can also add your favorite ingredients, such as pepper or red pepper powder.


Cheese Hash Brown Recipe

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