Mushroom Risotto | How To Make Recipe | Subscriber Sundays Ep-2


Mushroom Risotto | How To Make Recipe | Subscriber Sundays Ep-2
How to make a Creamy Mushroom Risotto. This Risotto has the most amazing rich flavour and is so easy to make. This Mushroom Risotto recipe uses 4 types of mushrooms which all release their own flavour and texture, creating a delicious masterpiece. With the easy to follow recipe and instructions I run you through, you’ll be cooking with confidence and creating the most amazing dishes.

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Ingredients –

3 Tbsp (45ml) – Olive Oil
1 – Brown Onion, Diced
1 – Celery Stalk, Diced
3 Cloves – Garlic, Thinly Sliced or Diced
400g – Arborio Rice
80ml – White Wine (Can be substituted for Chicken or Vegetable Stock)
1.5 Litres – Chicken or Vegetable Stock (Links Below)
100g – Shiitake Mushrooms
150g – Swiss Brown Mushrooms
200g – Baby King Oyster Mushrooms
15g – Dried Porcini Mushrooms
(All mushrooms can be substituted for 450g of any mushroom of your choice)
7g – Flat Leaf Parsley, Roughly Chopped
3 Leaves – Sage, Roughly Chopped
4 Sprigs – Thyme, Roughly Chopped
Juice of 1 Lemon
2 Tbsp (28g) – Unsalted Butter
1/2 Cup – Fresh Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese (Parmesan), Grated
Extra Virgin Olive Oil to serve
Flat Leaf Parsley to garnish
Seasoning to taste

How To Make Chicken Stock – 4
How To Make Vegetable Stock – Y

Storage Instructions –

This can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days.
This can be frozen for up to 4 months.

Reheating Instructions –

To reheat, either place in the microwave and heat in bursts or place into a pan over low to medium heat. Whichever way you decide to reheat, add a splash of chicken or vegetable stock to thin it out sightly.

Vegetarian & Vegan Substitutes –

Vegetarian –

Use vegetable stock only.

Vegan –

Make sure the wine is Vegan friendly or substitute it for Vegetable Stock.
Substitute Butter for Coconut Oil.
Substitute Parmesan Cheese for Vegan friendly Cheese

Equipment I use – (Note* All links help support the channel, if you wish to purchase something.)

Knives and Steels –

Shun Premier 17.8cm Santoku Knife – M
Shun Premier 22.9cm Bread Knife – M
Shun Premier Nakiri Knife 14cm – 6
Shun Steel – M

Pots and Pans –

Essteele Per Vita 5 Piece Cookware Set – y

Music in this video –

Intro –
Song – Coffee and Unicorns
Artist – Henyao

Song – Fansi Pan
Artist – Yomoti
Link – s

A Caring Friend

Song – Pomelo
Artist – Jobii
Link – l

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Recipe Video:

Mushroom Risotto | How To Make Recipe | Subscriber Sundays Ep-2

Mushroom Risotto | How To Make Recipe | Subscriber Sundays Ep-2

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